Mel Jameson is Director of International Initiatives and Professor of Finance at UNLV’s Lee Business School.  As such he seeks to develop experiential learning opportunities that provide international exposure and practical international business experience prior to graduation.  These include opportunities for study abroad and other international exposure, as well as international business internships, both local and foreign based.  This role grew from a lifelong interest in international experience including his junior year at the University of Munich, a semester (spring 1996) as visiting professor in the USAC study abroad site in Costa Rica, followed in 1999 by teaching at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica support by a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award.  Professor Jameson holds an S.B. (economics) degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS (Statistics) and Ph.D. (economics) degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.  His academic work focuses on the comparative structure and functioning of financial markets throughout the world and has appeared in scholarly journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and the Journal of Risk and Insurance.