Craig Miller has ownership and management positions in three companies. They are 22-year old Advanced Technologies Management, Inc. (ATM) that also does business as Pictographics. ATM is a computer technology company and an Intel developer. Among other accomplishments ATM builds the fastest PCs in the world. Pictographics is a high-tech digital printing and boutique job shop serving the exhibit, hospitality, event, and interior décor, art, and architectural markets. Five years ago Craig also founded Rapid Application Development (RAD), which is an electronic and software development company. RAD is an Apple, Texas Instruments, and FLIR Systems developer. They are best know for developing thermal imaging for the mobile market, both for the private sector and military. RAD has several patent pending technologies. Craig is also a founding partner in 3SLV, which is a product development company. 3SLV has a patent pending antimicrobial product for the full-service restaurant industry.

Craig is participating in a Department of Commerce Trade mission to Dubai in the Spring of ’17. Pictographics has had sales in Europe and Asia and RAD has software in use on every habitable continent

Craig is also active in his family’s non-profit animal rescue, Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas.