U.S. companies can now apply to participate in our Market Development Cooperator Program.  See details below and share with your friends!


Market Development Cooperator Program Seeks Applicants – Deadline March 3, 2017

DID YOU KNOW?? MDCP partners help U.S. firms generate $340 in exports for every $1 that ITA invests in MDCP awards.


Why recruit? Examples of successful USEAC recruitment:

  • Bob Deane recruited the Evergreen Building Products Association (EBPA) to compete and receive MDCP funding. EBPA brokered scores of sales to China
  • George Tastard nudged Sacramento-based CalAsian Chamber of Commerce to compete for a 2016 MDCP award.  CalAsian now helps U.S. processed food makers to export to Korea

How Can DECs Recruit New MDCP Partners?

  1. Invite eligible non-profit business groups to learn more about MDCP funding at upcoming conference calls
  2. Share the MDCP flyer at meetings and events

For MDCP questions, contact Brad Hess at 202-482-2969 or Brad.Hess@trade.gov.

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